Sunday, December 25, 2011

i'm here's like ages when i last blogged my last post. I wasn't updating my blog for some reasons..haha. Now i like blogging again...wooooohoooohoooo. I was meant to share my stories..lots ok, whether i liked it or i really didn't like it. The problem is i don't know where or which part to start first..yes i'm d blur girl =). In my final semester, hurrmm there are flowers and trash memories i've been through. My 'lovely' *in a opposite meaning* supervisor,friendship,final year project,love, all these coloring my life, just black and white. I was just mentally unstable. i've friend who teach me what friendship all about. i've someone who teach me what is love all about..hahaha. i've the lovely roommates who teach me how to kentot loudly..*seriously. They are my smile when i'm downed.I'll love my chemistrians so much.


I knw i'm not the perfect girl with a pretty face..haha.. A sincere apology does not need a response, nor wants one. sorry guys if 've been wronged to u. sobb2x..

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