Sunday, September 13, 2009

how painful i am..

after going back frm pekan, i couldnt think my head only a big stone stuck my blood frm entering my brain system. even i cant see my roomate was a like foggy day. i could lean my body on bed til my roomate woke me for berbuka puasa. cop n dell joined us for berbuke. but sorry for them i cant even make any conversation. my head like wanna burst. i dont hv any appetite to finish my food,half of it i throw away..then i enter my room searching for my ponstan. how pain i was, only sleep i can magrib also late. i can hear my friends jealous i am at the tyme..bcoz couldnt join them. i call my mum..she was so worried, bcoz i had through diz painful sick for 1 week. todday my parent want send me to clinic do sum check up..hopefully no trace any serious symptom. i stil remember want my doc had said to me bfore this..ur migraine is getting in bad bp only lower means lack of O2 in blood system. she said sum more u're so young for having this..mayb hv hikmah with all wat i having through..thanx alot ashraf 4 ur concern..n my friends too..

Monday, September 7, 2009

gettin mad..

now i feel so tired..can't think anythng..too much burden tense me alot. my migraine raise at critical level til i cant do anyhng..only sleep my antidote...tyme i really need my mum bside me but she's too bz...waaaaaa..tyme i really need go home but hv restriction.when my frens so elated with their joy, i land at bed.such a long ennui week for idea wat to write sum headache come again..daaaa

Thursday, September 3, 2009

maafknku zimbabwe

smlm tibe2 je tyme inorganic ak skt perot tahap skt kepala sikit. so mmg muke ak mcm taik lembu..(plez jgn imagine). letak myk cap kapak pon sktku mood nk blaja xbrape sbb doc yg kucintai ak try focus gak.bkn niatku nk mencuka muke tp ni smua gara2 perotku so salahkn perotku bkn ak..nk dijadikn cter ak duduk dlm condition org skt..mmg ak xblh duduk btl2,perot ak xselesa.pastu c zimbabwe ni tegur ak..rakyat2 vietnam pon yg de dgn zimbabwe senyum n pandang2 ak..mayb ak diluar kwnln kot ak pon terus wat muke taik lembu.
mgkn zimbabwe rs ak mrh kot..ak xde prasaan pon..yg de kesakitan d perotku je. mlm tu gak zimbabwe msg ak..mntk maaf..ak mcm nk xnk lyn je msg dy..blk je umah ak terus guling ats katil.esknye lak ak rs mcm serba slh lak..ak pon msg la zimbabwe..dy kte ak ni lawak kes lak. org mntk maaf ikhlas nie.lps tu br ak rs tenteram nk blaja..rakyat vietnam smua ak pon nk mntk maaf gak yer kat korg..